Distributor of chemical raw materials, packaging, and equipment for various economic sectors

One of the largest suppliers of raw materials and packaging for cosmetics and household chemicals in the Russian market. A reliable supplier of chemical raw materials for paint and varnish materials and rubber products, feed additives and amino acids for livestock and poultry, food components for the production of mayonnaise and sauces. An international logistics operator.
$30 mln.
Annual turnover
> 300
Number of customers in Russia and CIS
Representative offices in other countries
> 10 ths. m²
Area of warehouse premises
In-house laboratory
for the development
of cosmetics and household chemicals
> 50
of employees

About the Company



In our team, there are more than 50 highly skilled professionals from various fields who promptly and effectively address the tasks at hand. Each team member possesses unique talents — this helps us offer clients exclusive, interesting, and timely solutions.

Representatives around the world

We have several representations in different countries around the world, including China, Kazakhstan, Iran, India, and the UAE. Through them, we successfully address the issues of finding and supplying solutions needed for our clients.
Own department in China
Uninterrupted supplies
We work on any requests
The company’s representation is located in China and consists of Chinese-speaking employees who have access to internal information resources for finding and verify the reliability of suppliers.
Our in-house logistics office promptly adjusts the delivery route depending on the situation so that the client receives the goods on time. We deliver even under sanctions conditions.
We can find and supply any equipment and goods. The sales department operates in several time zones and continuously processes client requests.
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9715381110 / 772501001
Legal and physical address
115191, Moscow, Mytnaya Street 66